Donate to: Family Legacy COVID-19 Relief Fund

Donate to: Family Legacy COVID-19 Relief Fund

This coming Tuesday, May 5th, is a special Giving Tuesday - a global day of unity and generosity in the wake of coronavirus pandemic. Please help our Zambian children by donating below to the Family Legacy COVID-19 Relief Fund during this special event.

Your donation now will help us get ahead of this impending medical and economic crisis in Zambia. Every dollar matters.

Between now and midnight on Tuesday May 5th, help us get to $150,000!

We even have a donor match of $50,000 for gifts received on May 5th!

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The threat of the coronavirus pandemic in Zambia and to our children is ominous. More than any continent, disease in Africa is extremely difficult to contain. The resulting economic calamity could be catastrophic. So we must act now to do what we can to ensure the safety and care of our Zambian children.

Family Legacy has shifted its immediate focus from academics to care. We are educating our children and communities on prevention, expanding access to handwashing stations, transporting our children home from boarding schools and universities, providing take-home food packs and much more. We anticipate the need to be great, specifically in the areas of food supply, sanitization and medical supplies, but also in treatment for disease and trauma for our children, their families and our staff.

Please donate to the Family Legacy COVID-19 Relief Fund. Every dollar matters. Your donation will help us proactively address what experts believe will be an impending medical and economic crisis in Zambia.

Please DO NOT CLICK SUBMIT MORE THAN ONCE to avoid your card being charged multiple times.

Thank you for supporting the work of Family Legacy to rescue and restore the orphans of Zambia. Please use the form below to complete your donation.